Zob OG Beaker Bong

Zob OG Beaker Bong


The Zob OG Beaker bong is a awesome little piece by Zob Glass coming in at approx. 10 inches / 25cm tall but don’t let it’s size fool you…

This basic beaker bong gets the job done. It features a three-prong ice pinch that allows you load the tube with ice and get that extra cold hit. This beaker is made of 5mm.thick glass and comes standard with a 14mm Zob branded Downpipe

Three-Prong Ice Pinch.
Slide: 14mm. ground Glass Slide.
Height: 10 inches / 25cm
Base Width: 3.5 inches / 9cm
Glass Thickness: 5mm
Down Stem: Zob Branded Down Stem

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