Stacked Dual-Honeycomb Bong

Stacked Dual-Honeycomb Bong


This Stacked Dual-Honeycomb Bong can double as a dab rig or can be used to smoke flower if paired with a bowl.

Together these two percs create optimal filtration for perfectly diffused smoke. If you are unfamiliar with the honeycomb percolator, you will certainly be pleased when you see how they function. These effective percs are shaped like disks and have countless holes across their entire surface area. Each of these holes produces bubbles for filtration of smoke and water.

This Stacked Dual-Honeycomb Bong is an excellent rig for smokers who value the most optimal and thorough filtration.

Height:10 inches
Glass Thickness: 5mm
Percs: Double honeycomb perk
Joint size: 14mm
Colours: Blue, Green, White, Black, Pastel Blue

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