Ruby Terp Pearls

Ruby Terp Pearls


These synthetic Ruby terp pearls are ready to make your dabbing experience smoother and more potent.
These beads/pearls spin in the bottom of your banger and help evenly distribute the heat and enhance the vaporization of concentrates at low temperatures. Low temp dabs preserve the delicious terpenes and really give a better dabbing experience, which these terp pearls are all about. Once you taste a dab the right way, you will never want to go back. Terp pearls also increase the efficiency of dabbing so that you can get your whole dab without any of your concentrates going to waste.

Do NOT use rubbing alcohol or any cleaning solution while your terp pearls are hot, It can cause thermal shock and crack it.
Do Not apply a direct flame to your terp pearls or it will cause thermal shock.

If you need to heat the banger red hot, take the terp pearl out beforehand.
You can drop the pearl back into the quartz banger after you’ve let the banger cool down to your desired temperature.

To clean your pearls, soak or wipe down with isopropyl alcohol once they have cooled.

We are not responsible for gemstones cracking due to user error.

  • Size: 4mm & 6mm
  • 2 per packet
  • Banger not included
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