Pyramid Cone Perc Bong

Pyramid Cone Perc Bong


Inspired by a classic Klein recycler, this Pyramid Cone Perc Bong features a beaker base design with a Maria ring on the neck and a fixed 14mm female joint with a horned drop-down chamber.

The bent neck acts as a natural splashguard to prevent water from reaching your mouth and the flared mouthpiece ensures smooth inhales.The main chamber features a combination of a beaker shape and a globe shapes chamber that gives your smoke more time to cool before reaching the bent neck.

This bong can easily be converted to a dab rig by simply adding a 90-degree quartz banger.

Joint: 14mm Female Joint
Height: 22cm / 8.8inch
Base Diameter: 8.5cm
Glass Thickness: 5mm
14mm Male bowl included


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