Hybrid Multi Perc Recycler Bong

Hybrid Multi Perc Recycler Bong


Built very similar to the Mothership range, this hybrid recycler has not 1 or 2 percolators, but a total of 4.
Consisting of 3 disk perc and slitted barrel perc from the downstem, this rig is destined for smooth smoking.

This Borosilicate Glass bong comes in at a height of around 24cm with a thick sturdy base.
This bong can easily double as a dab rig for those who prefer concentrates over flower.
Colour accents give this bong some additional character, not to mention the water display as you hit this bong.

Great for everyday use or those special social occasions.

Height: 24cm
Thickness: 5mm
Joint: 14mm female

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